Monday, October 31, 2011


and I'll be wearing a Flapper dress over my tank top and blue jeans (I'll be too cold in leggings)...I'll look like I did back in the day, when my mum made me wear a turtle neck under my witch costume. :P
Our yard is a mud-pit. I raked some excess dirt, but there is still a bit left. Oops.

Got some more pictures hung up in the house-looks more homey now.

The kids didn't really want to be groomed today, but Cordie looks so pretty after a good brushing...her tail gets extra floofy. Figgy didn't seem to mind his grooming session, that is good! Phoebe usually likes her session, but Figgy wanted to nibble her ears.

Figgy is growing out of his potbelly (I think). He was such a sleepy fellow last night. I got some snapshots of him in my lap. It's so funny because he's such a guy! Just laid on his back with his limbs spread out.
He seemed really in need of 'mama' time last night. Just all snuggly with me. I like the times like that; because he'll turn into a teen before I know it and want nothing to do with me :P Then he'll come around (again). Or perhaps he'll just be a perpetual mama's boy.

He loves to play fetch. He'll bring his lil' kitten Loofa or Woofa? One of those lil' weenie dog toys they make for cats (based on the ones made for dogs)


  1. Happy Halloween!

    Figgy might be a mama's boy regardless. Derry always has been, and he likes to be held and cuddled, though can go off and do his own thing too. :-)

  2. Happy Halloween! Nothing wrong with being a mama's boy. Sammy loves me, but he adores his mama. :)