Monday, September 26, 2011


you wonder why you bring your husband anywhere.

The Dog Walk was a fun day, and I think we had a good turn-out. A fellow HSNEI member bought 2 of my pillows, I'm working on some smaller ones-if she likes them she'll buy more. Pillows that are more cat-tree perch sized. :) Marvelous idea!

I sold a couple kitty toys...but my inventory is plum full. (sigh)...if anyone wants to plug my Kitty Kid Kreations blog-go ahead! I'm willing to ship! Also willing to double-up on items for a reduced 2 pillows for 15 dollars rather than 20, etc.

Anyways...back to the husband thing.
Bill fell in love. I didn't think he was fact, I really thought he was bluffing me.
He set me up.
Now I'm left in the aftermath...
Nothing has been fully decided yet...I said I'd know more by Friday/Saturday. who he fell in love with.


  1. Oooh, boy! We're sensing another kitten to be added to the family. LOL.

    Why not add a page to your blog with pics of your pillows and toys, prices, etc?

  2. I am maintaining that I am on the fence until I see how the girls adjust. They are all in the same room right now. Phoebe looks much more relaxed than she did the past 2 days. Cordelia is maintaining her queenly presence (along with freshly trimmed bloomers).
    If I do sign papers, Tippy will become Sir Alistar Figaro Newton....aka Figgy Newton. Bill wants Alistar. I'm compromising.
    I'm still reeling from the disbelieve that this has happened.
    Had to take a stool sample to the vet-he is a pound kitten. Has been wormed, but might have Coccidia (sp?)...or it's adjusting to food. I'm starting him off on Fancy Feast since that is likely closer to what he originally ate.
    He's very good...he will not cry inecessently. He didn't make a peep on the car ride. He'll stay in the bathroom quietly. Likes to growl at the mice toys.

    Thanks Bill.

    The girls, tho, thankfully have been doing so well. They still love me. This is not another Bella Mae situation.

  3. OMC, that little Tippy is adorable. We hope everything works out, and that he ends up being your newest family member. :)