Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy busy busy

This past Saturday was my friend's wedding. It was chilly, but eventually turned into a nice day. Nothing like a wedding to get you feeling sentimental. I was glad to be a part of it-even tho I didn't really do anything since the majority of the persons seated themselves (outdoor wedding). I even made it into the photo montage! That surprised me.

I was exhausted yesterday. By the end of Saturday night my allergies got to me badly. Also, a bout of indigestion. I was ready to strip myself of my dress and shoes and run away! Got Bill and myself home, took a shower, started to upload pictures, and went to bed. I woke up Sunday (pretty early) made coffee, finished tagging pictures, and then started my day. I'm still tired. (today) sinuses are not thrilled, and overall exhausted. I am SO glad it's warmer today tho! I'm tired of feeling miserable and chilly.

I slept in today (as much as the kitties would let me)...still tired. Feel a bit better after using the neti pot and having a hot shower.

Next on the agenda is the 7th Annual Dog Walk for the HSNEI. I will be baking up a storm on Friday.
I also need to work on making some fab posters. Hopefully good enough to re-use as well.
I hope it pulls in some good donations...and I feel selfish for saying I really hope I pull in some money from my creations as well. I want to keep sewing-I just have limited amount of storage!
I know they are somewhat simple in design, but they are made with lots of love.

I hope, overall, that the whole event goes well.

I also feel bad because a foster person of HSNEI contacted me-wanted to know if I could foster 3 kittens (that are undoubtedly very cute)
I am the cat coordinator-but I took the job because of the fact I canNOT foster. I wanted to do something important-to make myself feel better for the fact of my limited space. Now I feel kinda poopy.
I guess there is no happy medium.


  1. Sending positive energy that you feel better and better with each passing day. Good luck with the dog walk ... we hope it goes well (and that you get everything done). :)

    Be well!

  2. Thank you! I've felt a lot better today than the past several days. But such is the life of allergies :P Neti pot neti pot neti pot!

    Take care!