Thursday, September 8, 2011


for being so absent. Didn't really have anything good to write about. Still kind of don't.

I'm feeling better, but am being plagued with "That Time" which is very uncomfortable and painful for me. However, it seems people at work do not understand how uncomfortable it is. A couple co-workers are concerned over my lack of 'Chipper'...Thankfully I have one person in my boat who is supportive-and thinks that as long as I'm doing my job (as a whole) checking people out efficiently and being social to them, that I am fine.

I'm sorry, but I can't fake being happy and super cheery when I'm exhausted and feeling like I'm being stabbed in the lower region with a hot knife. I was almost in tears a couple times on Tuesday, and all I got was someone bitching about my "lack of customer service"...I gave fine customer service. I smiled when they came...just because I didn't speak with a smile on my lips every second didn't mean I snapped, yelled, belittled, or otherwise offended them.

People know me, they (the most regular customers) know I'm very authentic. They would likely be more annoyed if I faked it than not. I didn't tell people my life story-didn't go on about how I didn't feel well. I just did my job like I was supposed to do.

Unless everyone would prefer that when I have "That Time" or any other day where I'm a little blue or under the weather...that I simply do not come into work.
We do not have enough people to cover such frivolousness...Oh wouldn't it be great if we did? If understanding could be had with certain 'female' issues.

I was better yesterday, but I had one person notice that I wasn't my usual self. One person who asked me if I wasn't feeling well. I admitted to her that I was better than yesterday, but it was "That Time" and I have quite painful days during it.

Dr. House is on The Today Show....and he is a musician! For real! I am going to enjoy this.

I got a couple really nice snapshots of the girls yesterday. I'm hoping one of them will land in the next HSNEI calendar.

Finishing up on a yellow pillow bed, and then start on my two square tie-dyed flannel pillows. :)

The girls have been a bit needy. Maybe they know I need extra lovies?

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