Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full story

I came home from last night and saw McCheeky waiting for some supper. I was so happy since I hadn't seen him all day. He likely showed up when I wasn't home and got tired of waiting. Men usually have better things to do than 'wait around' for the woman to come feed them. (Referring to cats....if Bill did that he'd be hit over the head with a fry pan.)

So went inside, got my beer food ready. Heard the kitten, so I talked back. Kitten was totally not afraid of me sitting on the steps. It was meowing, coming up to McCheeky, requesting food, but not getting any.

Mongo showed up (my long-legged visitor whom I can't tell if he's a feral, a stray, or a roaming pet.)

I got mad at him...shooed him away...decided to get more food.
I had the trap set up with less food to lead into it...if the kitten was very hungry...I would have a chance. I decided when I had gone inside to grab Barb's fish net and gloves. I deduced in my beverage-induced calm that maybe I would whack the trap shut. OR I'd put the net in front of the escape and shut the trap. OR if the kitten came in front of me to a food dish, I'd net it...then shove it in the trap.

Kitten found the food in the trap....chowed down. When it decided to focus on the food and not me...I thought 'maybe I could just sneak over and shut the trap.
I went to get up...made some sort of sound that alerted it to my moving. It shot straight to the back of the trap-setting it off.

I was ecstatic! Ran over to the clothesline and got my sweatshirt covering and proceeded to make my call to Barb, Barrett, and Bill. (only people I knew up late at night)

This morning the mother has been brought back. I'm going to be releasing her soon. McCheeky came for some breakfast, but I think he thought I was going to try and nab him. I wanted him to see his girlfriend. Hopefully she'll be able smell that he was here. Gave her some treats and have some food out in front of the carrier. She's such a lovely looking lady...I wouldn't mind if she wanted to be a part of my kitty family.

As a celebration of my victory over the kitty family...I'm wearing my 'Crazy Cat Lady' shirt purchased from CatvsHuman

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