Friday, July 15, 2011

Wheels in my head keep on turning...

Good stuff-ideas that I brought up with the HSNEI....use of Chipin or Fundrazer to set up pages or such for animals that need major medical care.
Did some research on orgs. that would possibly assist with vet care for low-income families (not many options)
Something I want to do at an event-organize pet food/supply donations for low-income families.

A friend of mine is having some issues with her husband. My thoughts are with's been a bumpy ride and it's not over. I just wish for things to happen with as little chaos as possible...doesn't seem like it tho.

Going to go and have lunch at the fair today. I'm hungry now that is kind of...annoying.

Work today, I hope it goes a little faster than yesterday. Yesterday was a slow day.

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  1. The ChipIn (or similar) is great. Here, once in a while there will be an evening news piece on a dog that is in dire need of expensive surgery (via the humane society in our city). They're quite successful with fundraising by taking the need to the media (usually involves awful animal abuse, of course). Cats? Don't see them doing that for cats, I would think our HS would euthanize more often that not.

    Good luck to your friends. All human relationships seem to be frought with drama, unfortunately.

    Enjoy lunch! :-)