Thursday, July 28, 2011

Think anxiety is up

because of guilt over not being able to take in ever flippn' cat that people want me to take in. I'm NOT a drop-off for your lack of common sense or preparation!
I'm taking care of McCheeky, his woman, and their litter...I contacted a fellow cat committee member to seek her advice and assistance.
I'm so sick to my stomach of reading FB posts of people turning their indoor cats into farm cats because they couldn't wait awhile longer.
I'm worried that there is a cat that was recently requested for me to take in....that she will be a farm cat also. She's not vaccinated, hasn't been tested, nor is she spayed.

Darn me and darn my small house/apartment. Darn people who just can't manage owning pets and caring for them properly. (The other argument is that many individuals can't afford the spay/neuter procedures...and who am I to damn someone for wanting a pet and taking good care of them otherwise. So long as they do not let them breed, etc. feed them, and shelter them...)

There is so much I feel upset about right now. I guess I could care less about the cat not being vaccinated or spayed. It's the fact they are moving this week and just started asking about homes for their dog and cat LAST week.

Way to go! Great planning!
I'll never understand some human beings.

I had a nightmare last night, like I literally got scared awake and was afraid to fall asleep. Some kind of fight had happened. The woman I was with was being attacked by another woman-she stabbed her attacker in the throat. The attacker had also wounded this woman, whom I bandaged up. The attacker's body was tossed outside-911 had been called. I had a bad feeling, I went to lock the door. While I was hooking the lock (it was a hook-eye lock door...imagine that) the attacker had gotten up and thrown her shoulder into the door so I could not shut it. The look in her eye, combined with the wound, blood, etc. and the fact I knew we wouldn't be safe...I remember gasping (in real life) and jolted awake.
Sometime after that Cordie came in and slept with me. More like my lying in bed afraid to fall asleep because I knew I'd try to dream a different scenario for that dream.

Shouldn't eat Pizza Hut pizza for supper.

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