Monday, June 6, 2011

So McCheeky

Neighbor Kitty visiting Mom-in-Law's house.
probably belonged...ahem. "Belonged" to the Creepy Neighbors. My little old lady neighbor asked me if I had adopted another kitty, then said that she thinks he looks like a cat she's seen in their window.

That being said...this cat is very rough...not neutered, but looks like he was declawed. (from how his paws rest on the ground)
He looks in piss poor shape, but the neighbor lady says he looks better than he had looked. She sniffles, sneezes, and overall probably has something up. His timing isn't the it will be had to get him to the vet if I can get him to trust me enough. He did touch his nose to my finger tip.

The kitty kids got a good brushing today. I'll do their teeth before I go to work.
I'm really wiped out....I'm so tired. My eyes want to shut and stay shut. Allergies are kicking me in the arse at the moment. Cotton wood tree made the lawn of the 'grumpy old man' look snow-covered.
90's today...humid. I can't breathe. Not walking to work today.

First insurance payment came out...good-bye 700 dollars. Now I'm going to just take money out of my savings (at least a portion) and pay off my other credit card bill. Then I'll start saving money again. Soon I must make Cordelia Joy a vet appointment, and me...a dentist appointment.

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