Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

to all of the human and pet dad's alike. :)

Had a great day yesterday, minus some severe stomach issues which I'm questioning is really over with or not. Interesting.

Was able to retrieve my dress without some sort of demon dress-lady biting my head off and ripping me to shreds. I have no idea why I was so freaked out about it. Needless to say it was done and turned out well. I even got to try it on (which was questionable).

Chuck and Don's outing went well, I picked up some more Orjien for Cordelia Joy and a couple other things. We were able to take in the downtown area (without cold wind this time) goal to find a cat purse that was cute and functional was a complete fail. FAIL.
I'll get my cat purse from Spotted Cat Co. I guess. No other way to get one.

I also treated myself (since a purse was out of the question) to a rose quartz cat figurine. That is on my 'cat shelf'.

Um...watched Just Go With It??? The Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler was cute. Typical Adam-style movie, but cute too.

The other part of yesterday was when we were by the Cannon River and watching the ducks. I saw something-first thought it was the rear of a duck was a little bird. The current and it's 'swimming' managed to get it to where I was able to pull it from the water. Embarrassing only because little kids and their grandma saw me. They were basically swarming me-and how do you tell little kids that the bird was hurt and would likely die. It looked injured under the wings, so unless it just fell out of a nest and into the river-I think a larger bird tried to make it lunch. I put it in some grass so it wouldn't be visible to people who might want to do it harm...said a lil' prayer for him.

Stocked up on Fancy Feast at Petsmart-less expensive there right now than in town at WM...and an Asian woman who basically gave me the impression she was nuts (because she put a kitten in my arms even after I said 'no' and was then antagonizing a cat sleeping in a hammock.)...seriously. It was awkward.

Anyways...hope everyone has a great day!

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