Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Sunday Morning

I'm feeling a little...shall we say...icky?
Not sure if it's from having had so much to eat for supper, or if my allergies are kicking in more, or if I caught the bug that a certain co-worker is liking to spread around since he will NOT stay the f home.

I'm hoping it is not the latter.

Either way, I felt so uncomfortable this morning I just stayed up. I tried to lie back down, but that resulted in me lying down and just lying in misery.

I have to open the store this a.m. so I go in at 9:30. I guess if I am to open, I'd rather it be 9:30 than 7:30. Just sucks because I didn't get out until after 9 p.m. last night and subsequently didn't get to bed until maybe 11ish or so.
Oh well!

Kitty food came (hooray) but now the girls aren't wanting to eat their freeze-dried raw food. Perhaps daily feeding of the same thing does get boring to them. Damnit.

Well, June 18th we are having an adoption and spay/neuter info day. That weekend I'll be picking up my Usherette dress as well. All that is resulting in my skipping out on the annual Prairie Du Chien Rendezvous...something I love going to...but ultimately doing something to benefit the Humane Society of NE Iowa and getting my darn dress is slightly more important than fry bread. Also, the flea market there is pretty much the same every year. I never find anything I want to get other than some crystal/mineral specimens that the guy who sells kettle corn has.

I am making cat toys.
Making little hand-sewn teasers, catnip balls, and whatever else I sew into a shape of some sort. I might get some little one on a few things.
It would be cool if someone would be willing to purchase an item or two for a donation. They are definitely NOT Petsmart/Petco looking toys. They are scrappy...made from scrap fabric I purchased at a store I shall not name. I do not sew perfectly either...but I'm getting better.
I'd like to think that maybe someone will feel sorry for my poor-looking, but very functional toys and donate out of the kindness of their hearts ;P

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  1. I can barely sew a button on, so I'm impressed you're making cat toys. Good luck! :-)