Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why do I do this to myself?

I have a long shift at work today and I decide that I'm so sick of being 'stuffed up' in here. So I vacuumed EVERYTHING. I took plastic off the windows, vacuumed out the sills, vacuumed under the rugs, shook out the rugs in front of the door, vacuumed the baseboards all around the house....I was a busy bee. It means, tho, that I didn't work on my last 'assignment' for my unit 6. I will make myself finish it tonight after work (most likely) and then start studying for my unit 6 test.

I have the door open, the window open on the storm door...the kitties are sitting in a sun puddle.

Last night both kitties slept with me (a first).

Regardless, I do feel accomplished. It's nice to get things cleaned up!


  1. Somehow Spring just seems to give us energy for cleaning! No wonder they call it "spring cleaning," then. LOL.

  2. Never did finish my assignment; back-up disk at work hated me, so I had to waste even more time waiting for it to back-up on the spare copy >.<