Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunny Sunday

at least for a little while. It's supposed to storm today at some point, but until then, the kitties are basking in the sun in front of the storm door. I brushed both kitties (why can't I ever get all the fur at once?) and have the bedroom window open to let in some fresh air. They shared the sill for a little, until Cordelia got over-confident and slipped. The sill is pretty small, so there isn't a lot of leg room. She's a big girl, so that did not work in her favor. Phoebe was the victor in that round.

I'm flabbergasted with the size difference between Cordelia and Phoebe. Trimming claws...I feel like Phoebe is so tiny...her claws are not as big. Everything about Phoebe is tiny....Cordelia is large, heavy, muscular, and fluffy.
In a way it's like having baby Dainty here. Dainty is aptly named because she was a kitten that a friend of mine found. I was able to get her fostered by a mama cat. She is very petite. I think really she's a 'normal' sized cat-she's just small-boned.
Similar to Phoebe-the vet said she's right on target for being a 5 month old kitty-healthy, etc. so nothing to worry about. I hope that she'll get a little bigger tho! I know she will not be Cordelia Joy sized, but at least a little taller....and bigger.

Well, I'm going to hope the weather isn't terribly...exciting. I like thunder storms, but not severe ones.

Anyways, I don't really know much else...Bill is at a family get-together, I will be going to work before too long.
Bill thinks a pregnant cat came to eat the other night. Sir Thomas McCheeky was back yesterday (and looking better, but he has a funny walk-I imagine he was hit at one point)


  1. Basking in the sun is good. :-)

    I can never do more than a few claws at a time, unless the boys are really relaxed (half asleep). They're not too bad, just awfully squirmy and fussy when it's claw-clipping time.

    Thank you for the b-day wishes, btw. I had a lovely day...and a "lovely" sugar hangover this AM from too many sweets. LOL.

  2. Just to say thanks so much for your message, it helps to know people care xx