Thursday, April 28, 2011

Me oh My

So, today I had a difficult time waking up. Alarm went off...snooze...alarm went off again...accidentally shut snooze off. So I blindly set my alarm to wake me up at 8 a.m., but guess what? Forgot to actually turn the alarm on. By the time I started to get some functioning-it was about 9 a.m.

Part of me worried if it was a depression re-lapse...perhaps my pills aren't working.
Truth be told, I am a bit on the worried side-Bill has to have hernia surgery at some point soon. He's to meet with the surgeon in 2 weeks. This basically means 3-4 weeks of not being employed for him, which means that we'll have to pinch pennies, save as much as possible...because without his 400-1,000 a week paycheck...heh. I get paid every 2 weeks.

Anyways....I'm having my period. Heavier it is, the more exhausted I get. I'm exhausted.

At some point last night my power went out...huh.

I've come up with an will be time-consuming and annoying, but it would be helpful for me to see where I'd actually be saving money or no.
There are 3 locations in town I can get groceries/cat food: Walmart, Fareway, and Quillin's.
I have a notebook, and figured tomorrow when my mum is around, we could price-check prices on things I regularly buy. Apple Juice, Fancy Feast, frozen veggies, Hamburger Helper, and TP....those are usually purchased on a weekly basis, and especially if I have coupons.
It'll take work...but really...I should know how much Bill and I are spending on items...and if the 'one stop shop' is actually a money saver vs. shopping around.
One stop shopping can be a blessing but also a bane. If a coupon for an item made it less expensive elsewhere vs. Walmart...I'd be much happier. I really don't *like* spending so much money at Walmart....but they do have more fancy feast varieties...and I'll be honest and say I could never afford all the items that Bill and I consume at the Co-Op.

Right now my focus is to save as much money as possible...and I guess that means sacrificing some things...stocking up on Hamburger Helper when there is a coupon (it's a cheap can doctor it up with veggies and meat other than chicken or hamburger)...and stuff like that.

Anyways...enough of my so, totally, adult-like posting. :P

I had a dream where I saw a tornado. It scared the crap out of me.
My dream was pretty lucid and at times freaked me out. All the details evade me...and really I don't want to remember much!

Ok, I think I'm going to bake cookies. Yup...bake cookies before work.


  1. When you are price-checking, you also need to factor in the cost of gas, if you normally shop somewhere close but find the "cheaper" items are further away. It might not be much of a saving in the long run.

    BTW, I get paid once a month. I do a mid-level clerical job and am single-income, certainly know all about pinching pennies. LOL.

    Enjoy the cookies!

  2. Actually, the closest store is Fareway, a few blocks from me...Walmart and Quillin's are the furthest.

    Cookies are ok ^_^ I'm trying to warm up the's damp-cold in here...I'm freezing!

  3. Just a suggestion but we use A LOT of ground turkey instead of ground beef. It is 75 cents to a dollar cheaper than ground beef and you can hardly tell the difference. I actually like it way better than beef. Fareway has it at the meat counter! Also if you wanted to make one big trip to Prairie du Chien I shop at Aldi's and we live on just over $100 of groceries for a whole month. And it's not bad food. Also Farmer Markets are going to open soon! I get all my veggies for the week for $10-15. Just a few suggestions! I hope they help! :)

  4. I like ground turkey too :) I don't buy too much meat...when I do I buy the stuff that is discounted because it either needs to be used or sold by on the day we shop.
    Dollar for dollar my snooping today basically said Walmart has the cheapest prices. Fareway second.
    I want to do more Farmer Market shopping, but it's hard since I'm usually working and the fact that I buy produce 'as needed' vs. having it on hand. Nights I cook are far in-between if Bill isn't home. XP
    Bill wouldn't want to drive to Prairie for groceries (unfortunately). It is convenient to go to WM...we bank at F and M's kind of an all-in-one trip. I'll just be keeping strict buying on coupon-only items. Pifffffft! (and not buying so much wine and beer...I'm actually drinking bottles of wine I bought a year+ ago :P)