Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unexpected package

in the mail box this afternoon.
A package from the vet clinic.

It felt hard and flat, and I'll admit to being confused.
It was a card in an envelope and a book with stories of comfort and remembrance (after the loss of a pet)
...I guess I never knew vet clinics did that. (Or maybe some do not)

The card had a hand-written note from Bella's vet.
I read about the first sentence and slid to the floor; bawling.

I'm ok tho. I can't read the book at this point...but an unexpected gesture-and the kind words written...sure it's a generic card...but you can't generic-ly write in pen something like that.
The tears were very unexpected....I know I'm still mourning. I just didn't expect myself to become so undone.

I'm still weak...but will try to work for a couple hours. I wish my co-worker hadn't checked on me...because after he text me I had...bathroom issues. Good job sir!
I think it's the orange juice tho; I only had one damn glass tho.

Time to start highlighting my key-words. I can at least feel accomplished with that!

Cordelia is down for a nap...I'll admit I'm jealous and would like one also.
I'd also like to eat something besides oatmeal and toast. (separate meals...if you count toast as a meal)

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