Monday, March 28, 2011


I adopted a kitty.
I didn't mean to adopt her tho; I was lead to believe that I would be fostering to adopt. When I went to pick her up tho, the lady had me sign papers and pay the adoption fee.

"shit" I thought.

Car ride was ok, had the Beatles on and would serenade her a little....squeaky mews came from the carrier as I wondered what the hell I let Bill convince me to do.

I got home, Cordelia investigated the carrier and hissed. I was never more afraid of a cat than when I looked at Cordelia face to face while she was on the cat tree..hissing so hard she spit at me. My heart broke in pieces; but then was able to remedy the situation by giving her treats after she calmed down.

I decided the kitten would be named Phoebe Layne; so I could sing the tune Penny Lane, but with her name instead.

She ate a whole 3 oz can of food on her own; and she's so darn small. She might be 5 months?
She is so petite. She's like baby Dainty's size....fine boned. She's like a little monkey. Cordelia is a squirrel.

They are interacting more...still hisses, etc. but I think in another week or so they will be playing together.

And Bella Mae came home today <3


  1. I figured you were going to adopt again. :-)

    Well, congratulations, "Mom!" I hope Cordelia Joy and Phoebe Layne become good friends quickly. Just give them all the time they need, especially Cordelia.

    A rather bittersweet day for you, with Bella Mae's ashes and the new "baby."

  2. I still, honestly, have a hard time believing that I've done this. Bill was the one to push it. :P

    Cordelia is starting to get over the 'fears' and she was going to wake me up properly today; but the little Monkey cat was in bed with Bill and I. When she saw that, she hissed and ran off. Did let me give her a hug tho, and we're working out a better food arrangement. The Monkey child has food issues (likely from being with many fosters)

    It's getting better...Cordelia gets down to try and 'sneak' on Phoebe...but it doesn't go anywhere yet. :)