Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This day has been long

but I almost feel blessed for being tired. Ok, I do?
I made myself work out also...I figured get the blood pumping in my legs...oh the stretching of my ankles and feet felt simply divine. My body aches tho, I'm really in need of some self-care, but it's somewhat hard to give yourself a massage. Honestly, it doesn't feel as great either.

I almost didn't put Bella Mae in the bathroom today, but I'm glad I did. She had eaten all of her food by the time I got home today. I had to go in for my 'early' shift, and stayed a couple hours later to help out our short staffed-ness. The likelihood of Bella getting sick due to lack of food would've been high.

I will say I was very happy to come home. The walk home was brisk, the sun was starting to lower, and you could still hear commotion. Birds...woodpeckers this morning, and other life indicating that Spring is occurring in February.

I have no idea what Cordie is playing with, but she's finding some entertainment with something. Lord I hope it's something I wouldn't mind her playing with. I guess....if not...I dunno. She 'purrts' which when she does repeatedly makes me think of a dog bark. She is hilarious, really.

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