Friday, February 11, 2011

Chocolate cupcakes?

Yes please!

Today was a hard day in the sense my anxiety was up. Work last night went ok, but had a glitch towards the end with a register being on the fritz. I did everything right, I guess, but I found myself so on edge with the whole thing. I hate saying it's because of what happened about a month ago (work related) still has me rattled-but when something fairly serious happens work-related and you end up being reprimanded for something more than you did...only later to find out that it wasn't that bad (but still having to deal with the aftermath of a situation that was not handled great) confidence is shot.

I am going to see my usual doctor in another week to talk to him about my ongoing (mild) depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I'm a little nervous about this, but I have to admit it is something I need to do for ME.
I've told a couple people-one who sees me every day, my Peapod, and my husband...didn't really get the kind of reaction I had hoped from HIM....but go figure. Should I really expect it?
Well, no matter. Getting myself the help I need will help me to further help myself, which will make me live more fully and help me make more healthful choices.

I had to really sit and think this morning-I got mad at Cordelia and this time she did get a swat. She knocked a crystal I had on the book case to the floor-after I told her no several times. It broke. I was not mad it broke, but mad that she didn't listen...she knows when I say NO or STOP that it is serious-I was upset because I worried she might ingest or hurt herself on a sharp piece.
I was upset at my reaction, but I was scared too. Also scared for the fact I was just so upset.
I know that talking to my doctor will be good...I dislike my temper flaring so.

Other news-did make myself go out and buy my cat food at WM. They are changing their all stores do. It does not make me want to shop more than I already do. Frankly it pisses me off more than anything (Take that WM!)
There is a new Fancy Feast food out that is of the 'Grilled' texture...the meaty shreds in gravyish stuff...but also CHEESE. These have become the essence of 'Cat Crack' for the girls (yes, girls...Bella Mae likes licking the gravy)...terrible I'm sure...honestly. It makes them happy tho...and for that, I will keep buying Cat Cheese Crack in a can. Booyah!

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  1. Willy is afraid of cat hair in his muffins.

    19-4 Willy