Thursday, December 9, 2010

So far so good

as Bella Mae is eating her food with gusto. Her bowel movements are great, and she's peeing a good amount too (I scooped up a shape of a heart yesterday!)
Does NOT mean she has quit throwing up tho. I had a 1 a.m. throw up clean up followed by a quarter to 7 a.m. mini-throw up. Thankfully she threw up on a magazine...and on the back of the magazine. I was going to be sad if Gerard Butler became deformed over kitty vomit.
We'll say that over the past few days I've been thinking about things between the husband and I...yet again I'm going to make the first step. Yet again call him out on things that need to change (so we can be better as a couple, not me dragging myself and our marriage along on a leash like a donkey that refuses to move).
Having to give into the fact that one of us is stagnant while the other is trying their damnedest to make things better. It's become so unbalanced. I have a hard time seeing how either one of us are happy. And then he asks me so many times why I'm still with him if I'm so unhappy. Why? Because every time we talk and maybe get somewhere...I want it to work. I want and pray and hope it will work. what?

Well, today I decided I needed a 'comfort breakfast' and after being up on and off before and after 1 a.m. I decided pancakes. Not just plain, but Cinnamon and vanilla pancakes. I also spread a little bit of this cranberry cheese wheel cheese on it too (instead of butter) These pancakes are chewy and moist...just...a textural heaven.

I made some for the kitty kids (unflavored) just a couple tiny baby pancakes I tore apart. Spread the love!

Weather is supposed to get 'bleh' again...more snow...cold temps. I am in dire need of getting some Heet for the car. Guess what? Gas station was out. WTH?

So...another trip to the 'store that does stuff'...I'm going to wait until tomorrow.

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