Saturday, December 11, 2010


that is what it is currently doing outside. The downfall of THIS snow is that it is heavy and wet. I'm going to have my work cut out for me. If I have to move 7 inches of this kind of snow, my body is going to take a knife and shank itself.
Ok...probably not that dramatic. Needless to say, I will be in hell. My only hope is that the landlord actually comes over to remove snow (like he is supposed to) but if I come home tonight and the sidewalk is full of snow (I dug a path down one side) then I'll just friggn' shovel it. Another reason why the snow will be extra fun is we had rain last night. So rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. Fun! This is winter in Iowa! (and other places, but I, live in Iowa.
I did manage to find my hood for my coat, out hiding in the shed. (in a tote) so now I will look like a sophisticated Eskimo-esque person.
My mum came over yesterday and we did some shopping. I found a food for Bella that caters to sensitive systems and easy to digest (so it says) and am trying that out to see how it goes. So far so good.
My mum bought a pair of men's hiking socks, so they go up to my knees and are thick and cozy. I am desiring more socks like that. I should wear them on my trek to work today, but they are my at home/pj socks. Cannot over-wear them to work of all places.
I will admit, however, I am not looking forward to my journey to work. Snow, cold, wet, windy...I can bundle up all I want, I'm still going to be cold and miserable. I do wonder if mail came at all today...otherwise thank you postal service for making the car insurance bill come very close to the time it is going to be due. You are fantastic.
Other than that...that is my day currently. I made some pizza, the leftovers I will probably consume with my soup. Or I will make some pasta. Hmm. What to make?


  1. I live in an area of Ontario that missed the 5 feet of snow, thank goodness. But we're slated for 15 - 25 mm of freezing rain tomorrow. House bound with the fur kids I shall be!

    Good luck getting out and about and I do hope the landlord shovelled. That's part of what "rent" covers -- or should.

    Also good luck with the new food for Bella.

  2. Well, I asked Bill to please call the landlord and let him know I won't be able to shovel everything alone. Snow is too heavy underneath the fluffy stuff for me to do a whole lot of lifting. I likely won't be able to drive until Monday...which I'm going to be fighting some really cold temps. I'm hoping I'll have some better areas to walk tho. My journey home tonight was less than stellar with the drifts. >.<